Sometimes a Sergeant

Is it possible to find humor in a war that polarized the nation? Much has been written about the combat soldiers in Vietnam, but there is another side of the war.
Sometimes a Sergeant follows Frank Prew during his tour of duty in Vietnam as well as the odd assortment of friends he makes while assigned to Company C 41st Signal Battalion. This motley crew includes Neil, a friend since radio school; Jake, a self-described schlimazel; Hector, a germaphobic radio operator; and Castor, a walking encyclopedia. Together with their comrades, they are the Voice of Cam Ranh Bay.
There are approximately eleven support soldiers required for every infantryman. Some of these men fight alongside the infantry, while others never see combat. This is the story of those in the rear echelon. This is about how they cope with the war, finding humor and friendship during even the most difficult of situations.